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fitness BEAST flooring


The most resistant flooring
for extremely intensive activities

Developed for high-performance strength and free weight areas. Concentrate in a single 22 mm. tile of powerful rubber.

Also available in 32 mm.

Flooring for CrossTraining and
high-intensity use with heavy equipment

The BEAST flooring that offers top performance to the most demanding athletes.

Developed to offer maximum performance in strength and weightlifting areas without sacrificing aesthetics. Unparalleled impact absorption, bounce, and reduction of vibration and noise.​​

Beauty & Beast 

The elegance of our premium finishes makes it a perfect flooring for the most exclusive gyms, boxes or fitness centers, and combined with an ultimate rubber composition, provides the necessary non-slip properties for strength workouts. Offers an optimal friction coefficient for excellent traction and high density for exceptional impact absorption.

Installation is simple, despite the heavy weight of each tile (almost 20 kg of rubber in a thickness of 22 mm. or 32 mm.). Simply interlock the tiles on the existing solid, clean, and level surface. No need to glue.

Water proof and anti bacterial, it is really easy to maintain. 

Available in a wide range of colors, including wood and marble effects, any color can also be developed upon customer request. 

Fully customizable with any logo, design or marking, so customers can create their own atmosphere to stand out from the rest.

beast tiles recycled rubber
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