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LedFLEX is a interactive fitness system that allows to take your fitness room to another level with a simple technology. Just press PLAY and begin to train.


PORTABLE WIRELESS (and also Wired system available).

LedFLEX converts any part of your Fitness center in an intelligent interactive tool with multiple functionalities.


The LED lights are inserted in the PaviFLEX flooring, also in the walls, and they have proximity sensors, so they can be used with feet, hands or any sport accesories like balls, boxing gloves, etc.

You can create your own Interactive Training program in a few minutes and save it. The installation is so easy as just puzzle interlock the PaviFLEX flooring and insert the lights, connecting them to a wifi signal provided by a router (included). Switching on the tablet or your cellphone and running the app is all you need to start training with LedFLEX.

LedFLEX is fully customizable as per customer request.


It is available with wifi system (portable) and also wired for fitness rooms.



Create an original atmosphere for training with led lights.

LedFlex Mood is a nice led system for lighting the floor, creating a different ambience for each workout. 


A decorative system of retro-lit profiles inserted in the PaviFLEX flooring that provides a very original and dynamic look to the workouts.


Change the ambient light of the room and let yourself be taken away by the multicolored guides.


Incorporate LedFlex Mood to your Zonnax and interact with the lighting sequences to create more dynamic and fun training programs.


With a very simple wiring system to install, the LedFlex Mood brings distinction to your center and creates an original functional training space for groups or personal training.

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