Acoustic Isolation Flooring


MAT030 is the perfect flooring for acoustic isolation, and serves several important functions relating to impact and shock absorption. It is a full 30mm thick, and was developed for intensive use activities, including heavy equipment and freeweights, and Cross Training.


MAT 30mm is extremely effective for acoustic isolation, substantially eliminating the noise and echo associated with heavy gym use. As a result of the production process and the type of raw material used in its vulcanization, MAT030 reduces noise by more than 27 dB as per Norm ISO10140 —> MAT030 is the guardian of silence for your gym! 


MAT030 is also an excellent flooring product for controlling impact, and dramatically improving shock absorption.


Originally developed as the acoustic isolation solution for urban gyms, MAT030 has now become one of the most important products for PaviFLEX.


MAT030 is available in numerous solid colors and can be produced with a rough surface or smoother plain surface. It is produced in large interlocking puzzle tiles for easy installation without any need to be glued down.


MAT030 is fully customizable with any logo, design or markings.


Portable platform for floor protection, impact absorption, noise reduction produced by weights falling.

Produced with MAT030 material, PowerFLEX is a very useful portable platform to protect the existing surface and absorb the impact and the noise from weights.

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